This is the process to be followed:
Please fill in the

  1. Application Form by clicking Button Below.
  2. Once the Application Form is submitted, you will receive an email fromFinanceitwhere it will be indicated if the loan has been approved or not.
  3. If approved, you will see the details of the loan; the amount approved, the monthly installment, term of the loan, amortization period, etc.
  4. If the loan is not approved, onlyFinanceitwill know the reasoning behind the decision made. Feel free to contact them for any inquiries regarding the reasoning for not approving the credit application.

The loan granted is a complete roof replacement LOAN. Only the registered homeowner on the title of the property can apply for this loan.

*** There will be a HOV – Home Ownership Verification task to be fulfilled byFinanceit.

In the event that you are not eligible for the full amount requested, a coborrower may be added. This person does not have to be registered in the title of the property.

Yes, the roofing project loan viaFinanceitis an open loan. This means it may be paid off at any point in time and this decision will not come attached with any type of penalties.

The payments for the roofing Project will be addressed from Financeit to royal roofs ltd throughout the execution of the project or when project is finished depend on the cost of the project.

Once the project has been completed, then your relationship and your payments withFinanceitwill begin. You are to pay a monthly installment of $$$ depending on the amount of the loan and the amortization period.

Any further questions, please reach out to – Financeit Partner. Phone: 1888 536 3025. ext 220

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