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Why should u choose  a Metal Roof?

Homeowners in  ontario   are starting to actually see more metal roofs than asphalt shingles, which used to own about 80% of the market. This trend is growing across Canada  because metal roofs have simply so many benefits but with very few drawbacks. Some of the pros of installing a metal roof include:

  • Longevity – some metal roofing manufacturers provide a warranty of 50 to 70  years to life on their product. This is a drastic contrast to asphalt shingles which may only be 20-30 but prorated from the day of installation. Steel and aluminum shingles resist mildew, mold, rot, and insects while also holding their ground against extreme  winds and heavy  rain. That longevity is also going to make you money when it’s time to sell your home as you won’t have $$$  knocked off the sale price because a new roof is needed.
  • Ease of Installation / Cost Benefits – metal roofs can be applied over your existing roof so you avoid the labor costs and disposal fees of an existing roof tear off. Panels that are up to 3′ X 24′ wide cut installation time into fractions of what it would be for shingles or tile.
  • Cost in General – many homeowners assume that a metal roof is out of the question simply because the cost is going to be too high. What you’ve got to factor in though is that the longevity of metal is going to actually reduce the annual cost of your roof. Also, something like asphalt might seem less expensive, but it’s going to have added installation labor, tear off costs, and disposal factored into it. Plus it’s very likely you’re going to pay for one metal roof over the life of your home compared to up to three asphalt depending on how long you reside in the property.
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